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So I posted a review here a couple months ago, about my misadventures with PaymentsMD.

The saga now continues, as last week I received a bill in the mail (for about $30) out of the blue, demanding payment yet again for my emergency room visit last year.

Upon calling PaymentsMD, I was told that even though this letter looks like a bill and says "AMOUNT DUE" in several places, it actually meant I have a credit on my account for the amount they were asking me to pay.

Being that I never sent them a payment for this amount, I was rather skeptical and ended up calling again the next day to try and get more info - after having to try 3 times to get someone that would actually dig for information a little bit, I find out that somehow someone else made a payment to my account, and their system then for some bizarre reason decided I needed to be billed for that amount.

Apparently no meaningful verification of name or address is done when making a payment - their system just assumes you put the right account number in, and away it goes.

Trying to call further to get this cleared up has so far resulted in almost an hour wasted on the phone, and reps that seem to give a different answer everytime you call - i've been told anywhere from 48 hours to a month.

Waited on hold for over 20 minutes again while typing this, after previously having been on hold for 30 minutes and calling back - I asked a rep if I could please get proof that my account does not actually have a balance due, and I eventually find out that he transferred me over to their collection agency, which has absolutely nothing to do with this particular matter.

After finally getting someone on the phone again (who, to their credit, sounded halfway competent at least), I am told that it will take an unknown amount of time for some other part of the company to "research" (do they not have a name & address attached to each payment?) the fact that whoever submitted the erroneous payment is very obviously not me, and who knows how long after that to get proof that my account is zeroed out again.

At least I think i've been enough of a pain in the *** now & gotten enough notes added to my account that they probably won't send me over to collections again accidentally.

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